Ultius.com Writing Service Review


Ultius Writing Service Review: Is it a Scam or Not?

Writing services are in popular demand on the online market, but often they’re unreliable. Most of these writing services trick students in a rush with eye-catching, fake reviews, or bot customer testimonials to pay the price and end up with a paper not worth a penny.

One of the most popular writing services online is Ultius. The company has a long experience in the writing business of nearly a decade. It was a valid ground for a review.

Therefore, we put Ultius on the stand to test its capabilities, reputation, and reliability. We researched the service top to bottom so you can determine whether they’re worth the money or not.

So, in this Ultius.com review you will find honest and tested information about the service’s reputation, reliability, and what it offers. In the end, we’ve concluded the review with a final verdict from our side to help you form your opinion. So, without further ado, let’s see what Ultius is anyway.

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All About Ultius

According to the stats, Ultius only works with American native writers and editors to preserve a strong reputation with their error-free texts. Currently, Ultius utilizes the services of over 2,000 American writers who successfully deliver over 200,000 texts in total. These outstanding numbers hold Ultius for nearly a decade on the writing market.

Apart from the stats, Ultius employs an excellent business model. The company doesn’t just make money, but it aims to build brand loyalty. Customers always come first. Hence, the numerous welcome discounts. Moreover, Ultius presents itself as a US company that tackles social issues like the enormous student loan debts, and the lack of job options in America. Not bad for a start in a review.

Also, its credibility is on point – 4.9/5. The reason for the high satisfaction is the need to find a reliable site to help students with writing, and their assignments for an affordable price. Before Ultius was founded, the internet held a notorious reputation for fraud. But, Ultius made it its mission to end this chain of unwanted shenanigans.

How Expensive Is Ultius?

Ultius fosters a customizable pricing system. In other words, you pay for what you request. The prices are determined according to three things:

  • Level of education;
  • Number of pages (275 words per page);
  • Deadlines.

Ultius offers writing services for high school, college, undergraduate, master, and doctoral studies. Each degree varies in the costs accordingly.

To put it in practice, a high school assignment with 275 words or a page due in 60 days costs only $16.5. These long offers are economical, but you have to know the assignment two months before ordering this. Therefore, for an extra 2 bucks you will have the assignment ready in 10 days. When you find yourself amidst tight deadlines, there is an option for you to do it for 3 hours. But, expect to be offered a higher price for a page, or $54.

Undergraduate writing tasks usually are 4 pages long. Therefore, for an undergraduate paper with 4 pages of 275 words due in 10 days, you’ll be served with a $86 bill. Or, if you know the assignment a month upfront, the price reduces to $74. Hours-wise, the cheapest undergraduate order costs $204 with a complete research on the topic included, for 8 hours. The tighter the due date, the higher the price.

Master and Doctoral assignments are utterly formal texts in their nature that cannot undergo any stylistic, grammar, referencing, or other rookie errors. Ultius assures its customers that most of its writers are prolific and hand-picked writers who know their way around with words.

Master papers are usually 40 pages long. Therefore, for a 40-page long paper due in 30 days, Ultius charges $960. There are alternatives for master papers ready in 12 hours for a sum of $2040. Regardless of the time, Ultius’ writer team produces high-quality content as arranged.

As for the Doctoral studies, mind that due to the extensive research, the site finds it impossible to wrap up a doctoral thesis in less than 12 hours. However, a doctoral page at Ultius due in a month costs $30. Now, as the doctoral dissertations are usually around 40-50 pages long, you’d need $1120 for 40 pages due in 30 days.


What Can Ultius Offer Me?

Ultius offers 4 distinctive writing services. Here’s what you have at your disposal:

Writing Services

  • College essay – Ultius covers every type of college essay assignment. That includes the argumentative essay, contrast essay, persuasive essay, narrative essay, custom essay, the list goes on. Also, Ultius has Topic Specialists under the wing to help students with the topic ideation process;
  • Research paper – Ultius offers well-written research papers according to the academic criteria that include proper referencing, extensive research, and robust argumentation;
  • Capstone projects – Ultius guarantees a 100% plag-free capstone project, specifically tailored to your preferences, and subject-specific research based on best practices to deliver in the arranged time;
  • Thesis – Ultius offers excellent thesis solutions that help students with their Ph.D. or master thesis. The delivery will have every component needed for a top-notch thesis from an abstract to methodology, and a well-researched topic supported and marked with proper referencing;
  • Dissertation – Ultius has doctoral writers under its belt as well. These writers will help students with the Ph.D. thesis from top to bottom in time.

Editing Services

Ultius offers an editing service for any current assignment you have. All you have to do is register at the site, upload the file and wait for further directions. Your assigned editor according to the research field will go through the assignment and provide you with feedback. Once they’re done with the project, you’ll get an e-mail with the feedback. Ultius has editors for any study branch. Therefore, expect constructive criticism when you’d receive the edited text to help you improve your writing or critical thinking. Many students became excellent writers thanks to Ultius editors.

Business Writing Services

Ultius helps with composing proper:

  • CVs or Resumes – Ultius creates custom-made professional CVs or resumes according to the client’s specifications;
  • Cover Letters – Ultius offers professional, business yet compelling cover letters to help you land the job you want.

Admission Writing Services

Ultius offers writing services for future students who don’t want to fail to get into their dream university. Initially, Ultius offers Admission Essays and Personal Statements. Both of these are of similar nature but entirely different outlines which are often confusing for first-time writers.

However, regarding the essays, Ultius offers services for different schools:

  • Study Abroad Application Essay;
  • Med School Application Essay;
  • Law School Application Essay;
  • Business School Application Essay;
  • Grad School Application Essay


What Payment Options Does Ultius Offer?

Ultius banking methods are robust. The company is aware of the fraud cases, and it offers the most trusted payment options where both the clients and the company can follow the train of transactions without obstructions. Check your open banking options at Ultius:

  • Amex
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • PayPal

Note that Ultius uses third-party payment vendors to implement higher banking security. However, your personal information within Ultius is completely safe as per law. Ultius depends on a combination of specialist vendors that examine the integrity and efficiency of the company regularly to protect its infrastructure and data.


Is Ultius Legit?

Sure! Ultious runs its business by the book with writer’s service. Its business has expanded to more than 45 countries around the world. Moreover, Ultius isn’t a start-up but a well-established company with an outstanding reputation of almost a decade. Ultius also works with clients that have been utilizing the company’s services from the very beginning.

However, when registering at Ultius, customers must accept the terms and conditions and follow the given laws in their countries.

Ultius Pros & Cons

Check out our picks for advantages and disadvantages before you make your first order.


  • Native Writers and Editors – this guarantees that the delivery will be in professional English if your assignment is L2 English;
  • Over 2000 writers – this allows Ultius to cover more academic areas and help students with their assignments;
  • Money-back guarantee – in case a customer isn’t satisfied with the delivery, they get a full refund.


  • A bit salty – Ultius offers excellent quality deliveries written by reputable writers, and editors, but also charges for all the benefits it offers.

Ultius.com Review: The Final Say

With all the pros and cons deducted from Ultius, we still believe that it’s one of the most reputable online writing services that you can rely on. One of the perks is that Ultius only does American outsourcing. That allows you to rely on the site knowing that you won’t have to compromise with the style and language level.

Moreover, one delivery gets the necessary revisions for free. That means editors go through the work once to filter the language of illogical sentences, fluff, proper referencing, etc. Once the editors finish, they forward the delivery to the chief editor to do the final touch. This process is only for one text, and Ultius makes 200,000 of such deliveries.

Students of high school, college, undergraduate, master, or doctoral studies can rely on Ultius for their incomprehensible or dull assignments.

Just contact the writer and consider it done. It’s advisable not to set a close deadline because Ultius is quite expensive. But, 60, 30, or even 10-day deadlines can be fulfilled and delivered to you at a reasonable price.