How the Best Free Plagiarism Checker Works

Plagiarism checkers have made it easy to detect duplicate content on academic papers and digital content and even helped professors curb copying amongst students. Plagiarism is defined as the stealing of another person’s ideas, thoughts, expression, and language. The rise of computers and the internet created a path for plagiarism. However, a plagiarism checker can help you find out if your content is original.

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Who needs to use a plagiarism checker?

The following are best suited to use plagiarism checkers;

  • Students
  • Teachers or professors
  • Website owners/entrepreneurs owning eCommerce stores
  • Content creators (Those that write articles, essays, blogs, and any other text content)

How Plagiarism Checker Works?

Plagiarism detectors are available on the internet. There are both free and premium checkers. They are simple to utilize and offer quick checks for any duplicate content. Here is a quick overview of how these checkers work;

  • The checkers can help you improve your paraphrasing capabilities.
  • They can detect any content that is copied from a particular page.
  • They also reveal the percentage of similarity of the content in context.
  • The checkers provide a comprehensive plagiarism report that can be copied, downloaded in various file forms.

What Reliable Online Plagiarism Checker Offers?

Many sites claim to provide top duplicate content detection services. However, many of them are not reliable, are slow, and may not give accurate similarity results. Furthermore, some may not even be safe to use. Thus, it would be best if you did not choose to use such non-reliable services. Instead, use sites such as, which offers the most reliable free plagiarism detecting services. The site has these features;

Security of the Plagiarism Checker

It would be best if you used a checker that offers security to your content. Some checkers will frustrate because they will use your content some months after scanning it using their service. This means you will have your content stolen by the same e-service that claimed to help you avert plagiarism. You own the copyright to your literary works. Thus, it would be best if you only used a plagiarism checker that is secure and does not compromise your immediate or even future. Therefore, always research to find out if the checker you intend to use is secure enough to trust it with your content.

Wide Database to Check Against

The checker you opt to use should be able to check your content against multiple sources on the web. It should check all web pages, private and public repositories. The report must be detailed after digging deep from billions of sources. It should point out the exact sources of similarity in addition to revealing the percentages.

Checks Various File Formats

The very person will use their preferred file format when creating any text content. Thus, the checker should be able to upload all types of file formats and give a detailed report. The various file formats include pdf, doc, Docx, and txt. With this feature, you do not have to spend a few minutes trying to convert your literary work to doc file format to upload it for scanning.

Comprehensive Plagiarism Report

The report you get from the best plagiarism checker should be comprehensive. It should contain the percentage of similarity and have color-coded results revealing the exact sources of matching text or your various problems. Besides, the issues with paraphrasing should be highlighted in their unique color so that you can fix them quickly and accordingly. offers a comprehensive report that you can rely on to improve both uniqueness of the text and the paraphrasing strengths.

Steps for Using the Free Plagiarism Checker

Most plagiarism checkers are almost similar when it comes to their use. Here is a quick guide on how to upload your content for scanning.

  1. Upload the file to the checker open box or copy-paste your content to the open box.
  2. Click ‘press’ to launch the checking process.
  3. Upon completion of scanning, the plagiarism results appear.
  4. You can view the highlights of the copied text, its percentage of similarity (in case the content was duplicated), and some paraphrasing results.

Finally, you can use the provided plagiarism report to tweak the parts of your text that were flagged as duplicated to make your content original. You can rewrite it, remove it or alter it into quotes.

It Is Time to Use the Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Now that you have learned the purpose of the best plagiarism checkers, the features to consider, and how to use them, it is the right time to use to ensure you produce original content. Content creators, students, professors, and website owners can get the best plagiarism reports using free checkers, as detailed in this article.