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Online essay writing services have become a sought-after service by people from around the world. Our platform offers a range of services for a variety of people. For instance, students can get services related to:

  • Research paper writing
  • College paper writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Thesis writing

However, if you’d like to get professional paper writing services, we can also handle that. Some of the professional writing services we offer include:

  • CV writing
  • Blog writing
  • Copywriting
  • Acceptance letter writing

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How To Order

Once you decide that you’d like to work with us, you’ll need to have an account so you can create your order. Through the account, you’ll be able to track your order as the chosen writer works on it. You can create your user account by filling the order form and clicking on the confirmation button at the bottom of the form. Another option is to click the Sign-Up button along the top of each of our site pages.

Once a writer gets assigned to your order, you’ll notice your account has a chat section. This allows you to directly communicate with the writer once they start working on your paper.

To create your order, the initial phase will require you to select criteria like:

  • The service – that could be writing, editing, or rewriting your papers
  • The type of paperwork – that could be working on research papers, resumes, case studies, essays, and reports, among others
  • The education level – this can be High School, Doctorate, Master’s, College, or even University
  • The deadline – select a duration, between 6 hours and 2 months, for the completion of your order
  • The number of pages – this will signify how long the submitted paper should be

With this information, you’ll be able to get the cost estimate for a basic order request. From there, you’ll have the option to proceed to an order stage where you can choose to pay for our premium services. An example of these services includes selecting the writer you’d like to work on your order. You’ll also have a chance to specify any special instructions you need the writer to follow.


Once your papers get submitted, you can request a revision in case there’s an issue. If the revision you ask for is in line with the instructions you had given, then the changes will be made for free. However, if you’re giving new instructions, then we’ll charge an extra fee so that the writer can make the changes.

Access Professional Paper Writing Service Support Agents

The ideal service provider should have a user-friendly site to make it easy for prospective clients to find their way around. But, if you’d like information without having to load each page, then contact support. By coming to us, you’ll have access to our customer support team every day.

Depending on the support channel you prefer, you can reach us through live chat, phone, and email. Regardless of the option you choose, the response will come as fast as possible so you can get back to your business. Our support team is made up of well-informed and friendly people capable of assisting you as necessary. They can even help you with creating an order.

Help Articles

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with our platform services as well as troubleshooting issues you encounter, there are helpful articles available. These offer detailed information on how to navigate the platform for the service you need. They function in the same way as an FAQ page, with the added advantage of providing you with more details on various topics.

To get to this section, click on the main menu and select Help Articles. There’s also a link for this available at the bottom of all our site pages.

A Leading Paper Writing Service Online Provider

We have quality at the forefront of our paper writing service delivery. That’s why you’ll come across various policies in place in case you encounter any issues with your order.

Creating an order here is so simple that even inexperienced students on the site can handle it on their own. It’s a short process that would only need a few minutes of your time. So, you don’t have to worry about a lengthy process that eats up your limited time as a student.

Whenever you have a question for us, expect tailored responses 24/7. Our customer care agents can assist with any matter, ranging from editing your account details to processing refunds. They can even inform you of the fine print relating to service delivery, our moneyback policy, and your privacy while you’re using our services. Couple that with their friendly nature and you’re sure to feel at ease here.

Although some of our prices are higher than on other sites, orders rarely get submitted with any issues. That’s thanks to the experienced writers we have working on them. All writers aim to make prompt deliveries, which means you can always submit your papers on time as well.

Enjoy Various College Paper Writing Service Guarantees

There are plenty of online platforms offering essay writing services these days. So, the availability of guarantees helps you know which platforms are worth trying out.

Whenever you reach out to us for a paper writing service, you automatically become eligible for our service guarantees. These include:

  • A Refund Policy – all clients that aren’t satisfied after paying for any of our services are eligible for refunds. These, however, are based on the nature of your complaint. Instances like canceling an order before work on it begins or not finding the appropriate writer, for instance, qualify for a 100% refund. Clients can even choose whether to get a cash refund or the platform’s credits for future payments.
  • Privacy Policy – visiting the privacy section here will let you know of the information collected once you sign up to make an order. You’ll be glad to know that even if you use your details to register, this information isn’t available to the writers as you interact with them. Keep in mind that you will also not have access to writers’ details. This enables everyone to maintain anonymity while they’re on our site.
  • Experienced Academic Writers – English-speaking writers from all over the world can apply to work here. This is a good thing since you can choose to have a writer that’s familiar with what’s expected of academic papers in your region. Besides that, only academically qualified individuals are available to work on pending orders.

Our Writer Selection Processes

Something worth noting about our platform is the writer selection processes we use. We offer writing, editing, and proofreading services. For each of these, the platform employs a unique process to find the ideal writers.

Depending on the service you require, there are four steps that each writer goes through before they can join our team.


This is the first stage of our writer selection process. Getting past here is dependent on the writer’s educational qualifications, their writing skills as well as the number of years of experience they have. We only consider writers holding a valid PhD, Masters, or Bachelors.

In addition to verifying what’s on each CV, we also check every writer’s GPA. In some cases, we conduct interviews to determine whether the writer is well versed in areas like college curriculums and academic guidelines. These interviews are also a way for us to grasp a writer’s maturity in being able to understand and deliver what’s expected. Potential writers then need to send us samples of their work to serve as further proof of their qualifications.


For those that make the verification cut, next comes the tests. All potential candidates undergo several tests. Among them is a language test that helps our evaluators determine each writer’s level of fluency. This is a necessary step since we hire professionals from around the world.

Besides the language test, writers are also expected to write a paper. We leave them to pick the topic they’d like to write on. That way, they can write about an area they’re familiar with, based on their stated qualifications.


Quality Control

The tests then get checked by our QA team. Only those with well-researched, unique, grammatically flawless, and well-formatted papers get selected to join our team. In general, only 50 writers from a given batch of applicants get chosen.

Once the newest members have been determined, they’ll then receive an orientation session. This helps them familiarize themselves with our quality requirements for each order. It’s also a chance to learn about our core rules.

Quality Control

First Orders

The final stage of writer selection stretches to the first few orders a new member works on here. Our QA team, as well as some of our senior writers, supervise each of the first ten orders accepted by the writer. This is to ensure they understand what is expected of each order. Besides that, it’s also a chance to check whether the writer maintains or improves the quality they produce.

Completing the first ten orders is what solidifies a writer’s reputation on our site. From that point, they’ll work under less supervision, which means the quality they produce still gets closely monitored. So, you don’t need to worry whenever your order gets worked on by a new writer on our site.