Improve your text with the best spell checker on the web

Everyone is prone to make mistakes when writing. Be it an email, an essay, a report, a message, or anything else. There are likely to be spelling errors. The spell checker is the perfect solution. The tool detects and eliminates all kinds of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Below is a summary of the errors it can fix.

  • It corrects wrong verb tenses.
  • It fixes the lack of agreement in subject and verb.
  • It corrects wrong prepositions and word confusion.
  • It fixes punctuation errors.

The top free grammar and spell checker

The spell checker online tool enables users to correct any writing mistake. It is 100% accurate and works fast. Moreover, if an error has several solutions, the tool allows you to pick the one you prefer.

The service also allows people to send feedback on the outcome. The information gotten from users helps in improving the tool.

The online checker is user-friendly. As a result, new customers can adapt quickly.

Using the auto spell checker

Below are the steps followed.

  1. You can write the text or copy and paste the document you want to check on the text section.
  2. Next, you should click on the check option. The tool will analyze and fix errors.
  3. You can now copy the corrected text back to your application.

The spell checker free work

The tool does the following

  1. It looks for every word in a document.
  2. It checks each one against corrected words.
  3. If there are no matches, it searches for a suggestion that sounds similar and has the same structure.

Checking grammar

The website spell checker finds grammatical errors by going through the whole text. It checks the following.

  • Subject-verb agreement.
  • Wring punctuation.
  • Incorrect sentences.

Users get an outcome as per the type of mistakes found. You can use it for school essays, research papers, or any academic work.

Other free spell checker features

Below are other services you can get when using

  1. Counter

The tool has a character and word counter which counts the typed or pasted text. The counting includes whitespace, numbers, and punctuations.

Customers can use the counter to know how long a report, essay, or paper is.

  1. British and American spelling differences.

The automatic spell checker encompasses both the British and American English spelling forms. Below are the difference is in the word suffixes:

  • British English words ending with “re,” end with “er” in American English.
  • British English words ending with “nce,” end with “nse” in American English.
  • British English words ending with “our,” end with “or” in American English.

British English additionally gets words from different European languages and adopts the spelling.

Another common spelling is in the traveling and quarreling words. In British English, the “l” gets doubled.

  1. Protection

The online spell checker has SSL encryption which protects customers’ text. The dictionaries used to correct errors also get screened for offensive language. There is no instance where you can get bad words.