OxbridgeEssays.com Review


OxbridgeEssays is owned by The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd, a registered company in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in academic writing and editing and has been in business for over 10 years. For a company that has stayed this long in a competitive market, it’s clear that they offer valuable services. 

They claim to work together it more than 900 academic writers, all of whom are from the best universities in the UK. These writers dedicate their time and effort to producing 100% unique bespoke papers that meet clients’ specifications. 

Oxbridgeessays.com caters to all academic levels, including Ph.D., LLM, LLB, Masters, and Undergraduates. Their offer covers different academic writing services, including dissertation proposals, exam model answers, systematic reviews, and essay plans. They also offer special assistance like marking and editing, providing feedback to help students get better grades, and help remove mistakes from their papers or assignments. 

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Pricing System

One of the distinguishing features of OxbridgeEssays is its pricing system. Unlike other academic writing services today, their services are offered at relatively higher rates. The reason for the high rates is that they will ensure that a native English speaker handles your academic writing. Students after high-quality papers can use their services, regardless of the high prices. 

You’ll pay between £150 to £235 for a 1,000-word essay on oxbridgeessays.com. The requirements are a vital factor influencing pricing, and this price is for a 10-day deadline. If you want an LLB level paper with an upper first grade, you’ll pay £375 to £600. Desired grades, number of words, academic level, and type of work are the main factors that influence pricing on oxbridgeessays.com. 

OxbridgeEssays also offers additional prices, but you’ll pay extra for these services. The additional utilities include: 

  • The option to communicate with your writer via Skype or phone
  • Receive an essay development plan
  • Extending the period for changes
  • Receive a revision guide. 

Despite the high prices, the company is generous with its offer and provides referral discounts to students. You can also get a consultation and planning call support for every order you make over £250. The calls are for up to 30 minutes, and you’ll get to speak to a Ph.D. expert before your work deadline.

Types of Services

OxbridgeEssays offers different services for Undergraduate, Master, LLB, LLM, and Ph.D. levels of study. The services for one level of study may differ from that of another level, but we can group these services into three categories: writing, editing, and additional services. 

Writing Services

They offer different writing services for each of the academic levels of study. These writing services include: 

  • Essay Writing Services: More than 70,000 students have benefited from their essay writing services. They offer essays that can help one get good grades. The essays will be written to the exact standard you request and concerning the type of grades you desire. 
  • Dissertation Writing Service: Writing a dissertation is an essential part of every academic level, so they offer this service to help students. Their writers will collaborate with you so you can achieve your goal. 
  • Essay Plans: Offered so that students can easily understand background and subject materials to help them write their essays. 
  • Coursework: This service will give you the extra help you need to submit a high standard of work and get better grades. 
  • Model Exam Answers: This is to help you get the grade you need in your exam
  • Ph.D. Proposals: A service dedicated to Ph.D. students who need help with their proposal writing.

Editing Services

The editing services they offer for each academic level of study include the following: 

  • Proofreading Service: They will help proofread your documents and remove errors to give your writing a professional edge.
  • Editing Service: This service will help you refine your wring to get a better grade. 
  • Academic Editing Service: With this service, you’ll be directly contacting an editor to give your work its full potential. 

Additional Services

The additional services they offer include marking services, consultation calls, and personal statements. You can achieve the grades you want with the marking services, and the consultation calls will let you speak directly to a professional. In contrast, the personal statement service will give you the support you need with challenging projects. 


Payment Options

OxbridgeEssays offers different payment options for students to use, and they include:

  • Credit or Debit Card: This is among the most popular choices. You can use major credit or debit cards to make payments. They use a Sagepay system that keeps all transactions protected. 
  • Online Bank Transfer: Another payment option is to use a bank transfer. You may need to consult the Academic Consultant to use this option. After paying, you’ll get a receipt from the account team after they confirm your payment. 
  • Cryptocurrencies: OxbridgeEssays accept major cryptocurrencies via Coinbase. The significant coins they accept are Ethereum and Bitcoin. It would also help to contact the academic consultant to use this option. 



OxbridgeEssays guarantee that every work will be handled by native English speakers, allowing them to deliver 100% plagiarism-free essays. Regardless of the type of service you choose, you can be sure that they will handle your work professionally. They are committed to serving you, meeting all your requirements, and leaving you happy. 

They also guarantee a 100% refund if they fail to complete your dissertation or essay or do not complete it within the agreed deadline. Another case where you’ll get a refund is if they can’t get a writer to handle your essay within 72 hours. 

In addition, they also offer a 5% discount for late orders. There are only a few reviews about the company online, but they like to maintain their customer’s privacy. However, you’ll find a lot of information about the company in reputable sources like The Telegraph, The Times, and The Guardian. It further proves their efficiency and commitment to ensuring that they offer the best services. 

At oxbridgeessays.com, you can be sure that you’ll get a world-class academic writer to write your essay and dissertation to your guidelines and specifications. The process of ordering service is easy, and you only need to select your academic levels and other requirements before you complete the order. 

Another guarantee that they offer is safe and secure payment options. You can rest assured that your information is safe and won’t be shared with a third party.

Is Site Legit?

One of the most common questions people ask about any writing services is whether the site is legit or not. For oxbridgeessays.com, the answer is a simple yes. They are legit, and we have a few reasons to show further that they are legit. Here are some of these reasons:

  • They are officially registered and offer different services to their clients. These services are all legally compliant and don’t violate laid down laws. 
  • You can speak with an academic professional before you order your assignment
  • They boast of a team of well-experienced academic writers from the best schools in the United Kingdom. 
  • When it comes to payment, they offer 100% secure and 100% legal options you can choose from. The available options include debit or credit card and bank transfer. They also keep all financial and personal details secure and won’t share your information with a third party. 


Here are the pros of using Oxbridgeessays.com:

  • They have the best native English writers to help handle your essays and keep them 100% plagiarism-free
  • 100% refund for uncompleted work
  • Variety of services for different academic levels
  • They have a quality assurance team to check the quality of every project


There are also a few downsides of their services, and they include:

  • Only a few reviews about the company are available online. Although they claim it’s because they want to maintain the privacy of their customers. However, it may be a drawback for many, as people like to see reviews. 
  • Unlike other available essay writing services, their work ia highly-priced, and not every student can afford them. 

To Sum Up

OxbridgeEssays is among the numerous platforms offering academic writing and editing services for students of all academic levels. They’ve been in the competitive market for over 10 years now and have helped more than 70,000 students complete their essays. 

We have taken the time to review the company and provide everything you should know about them. We have provided everything for you from their type of utilities to pricing system, guarantees, and whether the site is legit or not. In addition, we have added the pros and cons of using their services. 

Depending on what you want, the choice is left for you to choose. What’s certain is that you can improve your academic grades by letting oxbridgeessays.com to handle your essay writing for you.