online-essays_main is an essay writing specialist company. This business facilitates the creation of high-quality academic documents for students, business, and university goers. The process is simple – you provide the details of what needs writing (such as the title and key points), and online-essays gives you a price and assigns a writer to complete the work – easy.

The business employs a dedicated team of writers who specialize in a large range of subjects. They also have prior experience in academic writing and have currently written over 40,000 papers. Each writer is hand-picked and has to meet stringent criteria. This ensures you receive a quality service and that the writer can cater to your needs effectively.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at their service and website. This includes analysing the prices, service offered, and the different guarantees they provide to you, the client.

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Pricing System does have a dedicated pricing page, however, the information is sparse and not really a true reflection of how their price structure works. Nonetheless, base prices are as follows:

  • 500-Word Essays from $8.00
  • Editing and proofreading from $6.00
  • Specialized writers at a 20% additional cost

This should be taken with caution. This is because numerous factors affect the price including – academic level, type of service, number of pages, the type of document, and the required deadline. The following is some more info about the affecting price factors:

  • Academic Level – High School, Undergraduate, Bachelor, Professional
  • Type of Service – Academic Writing, Proofreading & Editing, Calculations
  • Type of Document – Various including things like research papers and dissertations
  • Pages – Listed as either words or number of pages (all double-spaced)
  • Deadline – Can be specified in hours or days (as little as 3-hours)

We have given some examples below so you can see the price differences:

  • Academic Writing – High School – Essay – 1 Page – 24-hour Deadline – $27.00
  • Academic Writing – Undergraduate – Essay – 1 Page – 24-hour Deadline – $30.00
  • Academic Writing – Bachelor – Essay – 1 Page – 24-hour Deadline – $35.00
  • Academic Writing – Professional – Essay – 1 Page – 24-hour Deadline – $40.00

As you can see, the price variers depending on the academic level. We have also provided some examples of proofreading pricing below with different factors:

  • Editing – High School – Literature Review – 2 Pages – 24-hour Deadline – $32.00
  • Editing – Bachelor – Essay – 2 Pages – 24-hour Deadline – $42.00
  • Editing – Undergraduate – 2 Pages – 7-Day Deadline – $26.00

Here we can see that if you allow a longer deadline, you can get a much cheaper service. However, if you are up against the clock, you can also pay for as quick as a 3-hour deadline at a much greater cost. - Types of Services

This business has a core of three services and a automatic-generated essay typing tool too. We have given more info about these below:

Academic Calculations

We like this service as not many platforms offer it. For example, let’s say that you are really struggling to keep up with coursework, and you have a difficult maths assignment. You could submit the questions to using their calculations service. The assigned writer would then complete the questions and provide the working out, if necessary, too.

Calculations can be requested from high school to professional level. You can also specify a subject area such as biology, chemistry, economics, business, and mathematics. The pricing is per problem and starts from $41.00 per problem at a high school level, with a 24-hour deadline.

Proofreading and Editing

There may be an instance where you are pleased with the assignment but are unsure if you have used the correct formatting, and it is editing properly. If so, you could use the editing & proofreading service to provide some polish to your piece.

With this service, the writer will primarily check for correctness in spelling and grammar. However, they also look for correct syntax and sentence structure. Also, they can check the document formatting to make sure it complies with common standards like APA or MLA.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is the main service provided. This is essentially writing a document from nothing. You have to provide the document title and as much information as possible. This could be key points, or a set structure that needs to be followed. The writer then goes away and produces the content for you.

They cover a large range of document types including:

  • Creative writing
  • Essay
  • Literature review
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Exam Notes
  • Critical Thinking

The service is also available for four different educational levels – high school, undergraduate, bachelor, and professional.

Essay Typing Tool

There is also an interesting essay typing tool. This is meant to be a free-to-use tool that automatically generates an essay for you.

You have to type in the essay title, keywords, and the essay length. Once you hit the “start writing” button, the underlying AI technology is then meant to go away and create a piece of text for you. However, we had little success with this and it kept returning an error. Also, we do not feel like using an AI essay generator would be a good idea.

Payment Options has a limited number of payment options compared to other services. We feel this is one area that it falls a little short and there are some notable payment methods missing like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and pre-paid cards.

You can make a payment using Visa (Credit or Debit), MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. This is part of the simple order process which has the following stages:

  1. Selecting the type of paper and academic level
  2. Providing document instructions like the title and important inclusions
  3. Confirming an email address and payment method
  4. Finalizing the order

Admittedly, the order process is easy, and we feel that most students should be able to make a payment using a bank card. However, the variety of payment methods could still be fleshed-out.


To check the quality of these platforms, we look at different aspects such as guarantees. As a student, we understand that you may not have a huge amount of disposable cash. Therefore, you want to know that the service you are paying for is worthwhile, and that you are going to get quality in return. does have a couple of warranties that should give you peace of mind – the plagiarism free warranty, and a money back warranty:

Plagiarism Free Warranty

When handing-in coursework or essays, your work has to be original and 100% unique. Oftentimes educational facilities will scan documents and use plagiarism checkers to see if students have copied work from external sources. If found out, you will most likely receive a fail immediately and this could also have a further impact on your educational potential.

This company ensures this is not an issue by offering a plagiarism free warranty. They guarantee that all work is fully original, free from flaws, and 100% unique. To ensure this, they use premium plagiarism checking software and scan each piece of written content before submitting to the client.

Money Back Warranty

Judging from the reviews and feedback, we do not think you should experience any issues when using However, in the event that you are dissatisfied, there is a money back warranty.

  1. If a paper is found to have plagiarism then a full refund can be issued.
  2. If a document is found to ignore any instructions from the client, a refund can be issued.
  3. If there is a disagreement between the client and writer, a refund can be given.
  4. A partial refund can be given for a late delivery from the writer

Any refund is aimed to be validated within 3 to 7 days, and the refund is credited to your account no more than 24-hours after you confirm it. This is also why it is important to be as explicit as possible when giving your essay instructions, and to make sure you are leaving plenty of time for the deadline.

Is legit?

Students may be wary about the legitimacy of platforms like and rightly so. Unfortunately, there are some websites like this that provide poor quality documents or create fake reviews.

However, online-essays is a legitimate company with a high-quality service. The fact that the company has several warranties shows they value customer satisfaction. This includes a money back warranty, and a plagiarism free warranty. Also, they have a detailed policy privacy and security policy that shows how they protect personal information.

The pricing is also relatively transparent, and the terms for exactly what you receive are clear. As a result, we have no reservations about the legitimacy and quality of this website.

Pros & Cons of Online-Essays

You should now have a clear idea of what you can expect from this company. To give you a clear summary, we have listed the most important pros and cons below:


  • Professional website: The website looks fantastic and is easy to navigate with a clear order form.
  • Flexible paper options: You can get professional help for virtually any type of document including research papers, exam notes, and critical thinking.
  • Money back guarantee: You can gain a partial or full refund based on numerous different criteria of dissatisfaction including later delivery and plagiarised content.


  • Processing of refunds: The refund processing is admittedly slow and can take between 3 to 7 days just to investigate and accept your claim.
  • Payment methods: The only payment methods available are debit and credit cards which could be quite limiting.

To Sum Up

From our review we feel the service has much to offer. The prices are reasonable, and the services offered are also incredibly flexible. For example, we like that they cater to four academic levels, and can create numerous types of educational document.

However, this service is not perfect and there are some things to be wary of. For example, if you don’t have a debit or credit card then you may struggle to pay. Also, if you do experience an issue and require a refund, the investigation and processing time is relatively slow.