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If you want nothing but expertise and creativity blooming from your content, choose New as your number one content creator! Run-on sentences, and upper-grade vocabulary that just seem to flow, are only a few options you get with New Essays, as well as perfect timing and speedy delivery.

This UK-based site aims at aiding students to write custom, or specialized papers, as they are often overbooked with schoolwork, so essays and written papers often get disregarded. This is why New Essays offers help from professional writers for all student writing services!

Is UK’s New Essays actually legit, and can students truly trust it? Continue below to this in-depth, review, so you can make the best decision yourself! Review: Site Overview

Immediately after entering the website, the student is greeted with an old-timey yet nostalgic website that offers all things student-related and very much needed—writing services for all types of texts, regardless of formality or informality. It might be a bit pricey and harder to locate the pricing system, but New Essays makes up for it with its level of expertise.

The site has qualified writers with PhDs and Master’s degrees and excellent English skills. Students can get access to the best essays, dissertations, and proposals they never would have thought of. Apart from that, new essays offer discounts, free plagiarism and quality reports, bibliography, and revision!

There are also some bundle discounts, as well as a 10% discount. The new essays site is absolutely trustworthy, promising that no written service will ever be resold or published elsewhere. The site also promises that no delivered written service will have any trace of plagiarism, and there will be a reference list within each one. Review: Pricing System

New essays might put extremely high prices when compared to other sites, but it’s well worth the academic level of written service. If the student orders more than one text, they also have multiple discounts and coupons are given to returning customers. These discounts usually come from their anniversaries, and the coupon helps with 10% of the customer’s order.

New essays might get a little cheeky with their pricing; however, the student can get their price quote after talking to customer service.

What they miss out on mentioning, is that the customer, apart from the text desired gets a free plagiarism and quality report, bibliography and free revision. Although they don’t have a price calculator, you can get your answer if you contact their customer service and ask for a price quote.

This might be time-consuming for students, especially if they have deadlines and other work to take care of. If you have nowhere else to turn for your written content, then maybe you should contact and wait for a price quote, which would take approximately two hours. The only discount New offers is the ‘’Bundle Discount,” which means the customer gets 15% off if they want two or more essays in a single order.

There is a small $10 discount though, but you have to dig a little deeper to find it.

That’s two hours lost for schoolwork, and it’s a perfect marketing strategy that gets the naïve student hooked before they know what they’re getting themselves into. Basically, here’s what some students have gotten as an answer:

  • Two pages worth of a research proposal, price $40 with a 10-day deadline, college-level quality
  • Dissertation of 6 pages, with a 10-day deadline and college-level quality costs about $100


Types of Services

Once you enter New Essays official website, you encounter all the services they offer. It’s pretty straightforward, so students can easily locate the service they’re looking for. However, some students claim that they never found the answer they were looking for simply because the website is way too cluttered with information, from the very first page.

New can help students out with dissertations, essays as well as written proposals and formal documents. What seems like the website’s key quality is their proofreading ability. This service makes sure your text is superbly written and is of the highest quality.

Despite tons of reviewers stating that the UK’s New Essays provides brilliant services, there are many shunned customers who have experienced quite the opposite. Most complaints come because of grammar mistakes, formatting issues, overstepped deadlines, or even the most deadly error a writer can make – plagiarism!

Nevertheless, these are just a few of the negative regards concerning New Essays, while other positive commentary shines on the site’s level of research and depth in explanation.

New also prides itself on its highly qualified and academic staff. All writers in New essays are certified and represent some of the UK’s leading colleges. All of them are specialized in one field or the other, many having a Ph.D. as well as expert English skills. New essays have a writer-expert on varying fields like law, medicine, business, nursing, politics, management, social work, and anything else the student can think of!

Basically, New Essays UK guarantees the following:

  • Customized papers written from zero
  • No plagiarism
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • A writer specialized for every field
  • The buyer gets the publication rights
  • The customer gets a referencing list
  • Free amendments
  • Free chapter-by-chapter delivery
  • Quality reporting
  • Reachable through phone or e-mail
  • 100% safe

Payment Options

Since is a UK-based writing service, it accepts payment in pounds, and the prices of each service vary. Since New Essays charge each effort differently, it offers multiple payment options.

To protect the client’s privacy and details, new essays accept payments either by cash or transfer via internet banking. If the student wants to pay in cash, they can do it directly at the NatWest Bank. New is verified by NatWest Bank as well as Payment Sense.

Students can pay with a debit or credit card by using PaymentSense, UK’s largest merchant service provider. All credit card payments should be processed by PaymentSense and not


New Essays guarantees to hire only qualified staff with perfect English writing skills. At this time, the site states that it has 50 writers, out of whom 22 have a Master’s degree while 6 have PhDs. All of the writers claim to be highly educated college representatives, and the dissertations students get are proof of their competence.

This is pretty outstanding to offer, which sometimes varies in results. Some students might get a few grammar mistakes here and there, but that can all be taken care of thanks to their free revision option.

Despite the negatives, the site is safe, and you can trust it with your details. However, every academic writing site will never sell on your details, and the student has guaranteed privacy.

The site also guarantees that the text you receive will be free of plagiarism, grammar errors, as well as spelling mistakes. The student is entitled to a revision, however, not to a refund. They also guarantee a 10% discount, but it applies if you order more than a single written service.

When it comes to New Essays’ website usability, it seems like the front page is pretty outdated, old-school, and cluttered. Students nowadays want to get a clearer perspective of the services and don’t have the time in the world to lurk for answers.

Another thing New Essays’ lacks on their website is the price quotations, which is convenient for the business but extremely annoying for students.


New Is Site Legit?

New Essays has their physical address published on their official website, which aids to their business credibility. Customers can find positive reviews and comments at the bottom of the page, where they’ll encounter New Essays 8.5 out of 10-star ratings!

The site is a legit UK writing service; however it lacks a modern touch. Their website is outdated and completely unattractive to Gen-Z students. New Essays is a superb choice if you want your grade to sky-rocket; however, make sure to revise it once delivered.

Spelling mistakes can go unnoticed if the text is more than a few pages long, so read twice before sending!


  • Expert quality
  • High-level vocabulary
  • Speedy delivery
  • Early delivery
  • Multiple discounts
  • Plagiarism free
  • Free revisions, references, bibliography


  • Needs to be double-checked after delivery
  • Can sometimes show grammar mistakes
  • No refund Review: To Sum Up

Overall, New Essays might be your-go to if you want lightning-speed delivery, as well as upper-grade standard. They might not offer a refund and can get a little pricey; however, New Essays does its job properly.

Every student that purchases their writing service will receive high-quality written content aimed at the highest grade. Although it’s best to advise students to do their work themselves, sometimes deadlines and wishes do not align.

No writing service deserves to be fully trusted with your next exam, but New Essays may guarantee to get you one step closer to a higher grade. If the student is not pleased with the received result, they can redo the writer’s work with little to no effort!

New Essays accomplishes its mission of delivering high-quality written content for students, and sometimes what you pay is what you get! With New Essays, you can bet that you’ll have maximum quality in little to no time!