Our Detailed EssaysWritings.Net Review


Students are aware of how hectic it is, making it challenging to keep up with all your assignments when it comes to schoolwork. When combined with other responsibilities, side hustles, hobbies, and more, the schedules become too hectic for any student. 

It is why busy students lookout for essay writing services to meet their needs. One of the best solutions we recommend is EssaysWritings. In this EssaysWritings.net review, we will explore all you need to know about this service and see if it is best for you. 

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An Overview of EssaysWritings

EssaysWritings.net is an online writing service founded in 2014 by writers who wanted to assist students. They were both roommates who had witnessed the struggle of college and assignments at the forefront, and when working to help their classmates and friends, they founded the business.

Now, this platform features over a hundred English-speaking writers from around the world, providing essay writing services to its clients. They also have editors and specialists under their payroll that offer different services to college students. Because of the broad spectrum of the services provided by the company, it is one of the leading companies in the industry.

Their services are also highly affordable, provided by writers who go through extensive testing before they are hired. These include language testing and tests on their skills, education, knowledge, and expertise. They also offer different fields of study, including literature, biology, sociology, philosophy, science, mathematics, business, engineering, geography, geology, and more.

What Types of Services Does EssaysWritings Offer?

EssaysWritings offers a broad spectrum of services, which means that most students will easily find one that works for them. These services are based on different academic levels, making them even more extensive. There are services for high school students, between 9th and 12th graders. 

Then, there are services for college students and university students getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. And unlike some essay writing services, they also provide writing for those pursuing a Ph.D. degree. 

The three primary services offered at Essays Writings include academic writing, editing & proofreading, and calculations. They are provided for all academic levels. 

Academic Writing 

This service is provided for those who need essays and other types of writing for academic purposes. The different types of essays you can get include an annotated bibliography, argumentative articles, dissertations, thesis, presentations, reviews, exam notes, course work, creative writing, case study, critical thinking, reflective report, etc. 

Editing & Proofreading 

If you’ve already written an essay or paper and you need to edit, proofread, or make paper improvements, you can hire services at Essays Writings. They also provide editing for all academic levels for all the services under Academic Writing. 


If your academic work is more complex or specialized, you will need to hire writers in the calculations category. The different subject areas include accounting, biology, business, chemistry, economics, finance, engineering, financial management, mathematics, geography, logic, geology, physics, medicine, nutrition, pharmacology, statistics, science, and technology. 

How to Place an Order

It’s very straightforward to place an order on https://essayswritings.net . You can view the direct order or select "Order" at the top of the page on the homepage. First, you can select between Academic Writing, Editing & Proofreading, and Calculations.

Then, you will have to choose your Academic Level and Subject Area. You also have to select your quantity, whether the number of words or pages. Finally, you choose the deadline, and you see the flat price. You can give further instructions like the topic, brief, attachments, etc. 


How Much Do I Pay to Hire EssaysWritings Services?

Not many students can do so when hiring essay writing services because they’re mostly expensive. But EssaysWriting is highly affordable and does not offer a fixed price. Instead, the price differs based on individual factors. 

When you place an order, the price increases or decreases depending on your chosen category and other factors, these include:

Type of Service 

The amount you pay first depends on the type of service you purchase. The price is lowest when you hire the Editing & Proofreading service, but it increases and is the highest in the Calculations service. 

Academic Level 

Next is the Academic Level, and the price increases from the High School to the Ph.D. levels. Thus, high school students spend less on their essay writing services than those pursuing a Ph.D. 

Type of Paper 

The different types of papers go for the same price in underwriting and editing most of the time. For instance, whether you want a literature review or a movie review does not change the cost. But something more complex like a dissertation or thesis changes the price drastically. Also, the subject areas under calculations are priced differently.


Another factor influencing the price is the number of words or pages you ask for. The exact fee is added to each page you add to the initial one.


Finally, the price becomes higher every week closer to the day you are ordering. It’s not surprising that you need to pay more the more urgent the essay is. You can also produce higher depending on whether you want the standard or VIP support and a plagiarism report. 


What Payment Options Are Available?

There are different ways you can make a payment for the writing services at Essays Writings. You can use credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB. Submit your card details and make a purchase. It also supports cards from UnionPay and American Express.

When you are redirected to the payment page, you will be allowed to choose your language and currency. You will also be shown the summary of your purchase and can then input your billing information and card data. Students can also look out for promotions and bonus codes. 


Are There Any Guarantees for Clients?

Essays Writings has a 9/10 satisfaction rate, but this doesn’t mean that there are no guarantees if you need a revision or are not pleased with the essay. They make revisions for free, and if you pay for the VIP support, you can get more revisions.

The service also has a money-back policy, which means you get a 100% refund if you’re not pleased with the services. The writing service is risk-free, as students only pay for a paper that they like and use. 

Another guarantee is 100% confidentially, as no one else gets any information about your paper. The service also promises that you won’t see your piece elsewhere. Plus, all essays are 100% original. 

Is EssaysWritings.Net Legit?

Yes. EssaysWriting.Net is entirely legitimate and plagiarism-free. They provide you with unique work written by real students and specialists from various academic fields and subjects. 

It is also a reliable business that acts per the law. The company also follows academic regulations, and students can rest assured that hiring an essay writing service is not against the law. Their writers are also as legitimate as the service, going through rigorous tests before hiring.

From the EssaysWritings.Net Review, Is This Right for Me?

Essays Writings comes with its pros and cons, and you can consider this before hiring their writing and editing services:


  • There is a wide range of student services, types of essays, and subject matters available.
  • You can receive revisions if you request them.
  • The writers always respect your deadline.
  • All writers go through a strict process before they’re hired. 
  • They offer reliable customer service. 
  • The services are highly affordable.
  • The company provides 100% refunds. 
  • There is different legal information on the website.


  • The price increases drastically based on the number of pages or special services like plagiarism.
  • The website has a bland page design and should be updated.
  • You have to pay for more than one revision. 

Final Verdict

EssaysWritings.Net is a top-notch, highly professional, and reliable writing service that students can rely on if they need help with their school work. The platform offers an extensive and particular range of services, so it’s easy for high school Ph.D. students to find what they need. 

Even if their services might not be perfect, they offer multiple guarantees like refunds and plagiarism-free, so students can quickly get an online assistance tool. You can purchase their services for affordability and reliability. You can check out their website to see honest student reviews if you’re curious.