essaysservice_main is an online platform that offers a myriad of services relating to essay writing and content creation for students and professionals. This includes document writing, editing & proofreading, and calculations. They operate at several different academic levels including high school, undergraduate, and bachelors.

This company has a team of over 500 professional writers who have experience in academic writing. To qualify as an writer, you must have at least 2 prior years of academic writing and most of the team have some type of degree or literacy qualification. We also like that they have a 95% satisfaction rate, and customer support is available 24/7.

Regardless of what type of document you require, Essaysservice should be able to help. They can create things like case studies, research papers, thesis, blog articles, essays, and dissertations, for example. Their pricing is flexible and is based on different factors including the delivery time, number of pages, academic level, and type of document.

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Pricing System

This essay writing service has a relatively flexible pricing system that is based on an array of factors. Essentially, there is not a flat rate per page or word – instead, the price is formulated from these various factors:

  • Type of service (Academic Writing, Editing & Proofreading, Calculations)
  • Academic level (High School, Undergraduate, Bachelor, Professional)
  • Type of paper
  • Quantity (Pages or words)
  • Deadline

First, there is the three types of service offered. Generally, editing & proofreading is the cheapest service, and calculations is the most expensive – this is because it requires more specialist skills.

Next, there is the academic level with high school being the cheapest, and professional being the most expensive. To give an example, a 1 page high-school level essay costs $7.00 for editing, whereas a 1 page bachelor level essay costs $13.00 for editing.

The price is also affected by the type of paper. For example, a high school 1-page essay for writing costs $12.00. In contrast, a high school 1-page CV costs $45.00. Generally, the types of document that require more formatting and specialist attention cost more.

Lastly, the quantity and deadline also affect the price. You can specify the quantity in pages or words. This company classes 1 page as 275 words double-spaced.

Also, the shorter deadline you require less than the standard 24-hours, the more expensive the paper is. For example, a high school 2 page essay required back in 3 hours costs $80.00, whereas for 24-hours, the cost drops to $54.00.

Types of Services primarily offers an essay writing service for students and academic purposes. The types of documents their team of writers can create includes (but is not limited to):

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Article
  • Book Review
  • Case Study
  • Exam Notes
  • Literature Review
  • Research Paper
  • Thesis

Aside from this, the services offered are split into three main categories – academic writing, editing & proofreading, and calculations.

Academic Writing

The main service offered is academic essay writing. This involves a large array of different document types that we listed above.

When requesting an essay writing service, you must provide relevant information such as the title, and any information you feel would help the writers produce exactly what you want.

Editing & Proofreading

Perhaps you have already written a paper but you want it checked for correctness and quality? If so, you could use the editing & proofreading service.

The editing & proofreading service includes:

  • Checking grammar and punctuation
  • Eliminating contextual mistakes
  • Ensuring the flow of the essay is smooth
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Checks for formatting and things like citations

This could be a great service if you are confident of the content of your work, but just want to make sure it is the best possible piece.


Not only does this company offer writing services, but they also offer academic work for solving calculations. For example, lets say you have a piece of coursework that involves an exam paper or requires using formulas etc. You could use this service for help.

The calculations service is available for high school, undergraduate, bachelor, and professional levels, and you can choose from a range of subject areas. These include accounting, biology, business, chemistry, economics, engineering, finance, financial management, geography, geology, logic, mathematics, and more.

The pricing is based on the number of problems. Each problem is essentially classed as a single question and the price is altered accordingly.

Payment Options

When you are ready to place your order with EssaysService you click on the “order now” button. This provides an order form in which you enter details like the essay title, n

Once the form is complete, the third stage is the secure payment option. All payments are made via a secure payment gateway and there is a detailed privacy policy that describes how your information is protected.

Current accepted payment methods include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Essentially, you can pay by credit or with debit card. This is a limited selection of payment methods compared to some other writing services. For example, we would expect to see methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, and other e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Nonetheless, card payments are the most common, so we don’t foresee an issue where you couldn’t easily pay.


When using this type of service, it is important to understand exactly what the price includes. By this we mean quality, uniqueness, delivery promptness, and revisions. has the following guarantees relating to these things that we discuss below:

Guaranteed Delivery Date

During the order process, you can specify a delivery date. However, this company has a standard policy of delivering any processed orders within 24-hours unless you state otherwise. You can also specify the number of hours you require the essay in (the quicker you want it delivered, the higher the premium).

Guaranteed Plagiarism Free Content

Plagiarism is one of the most important things about using a company like this. You want unique work that isn’t copy and pasted from an external source. has a plagiarism free warranty. This guarantees that all work provided is 100% original and unique. This includes checks using various plagiarism tools and algorithms.

Revision Policy

Hopefully, when using this platform, there should be no need for revisions. They appear to have a quality team of writers who should deliver excellence the first-time round. However, in the event you are unhappy with the quality of the text, this company does have a revision policy.

They state that they offer revisions, and they are all free of charge. However, there are stipulations. Firstly, you must make the request by pressing the “request revision” button on your account. Next, you get free revisions for 10 days after the order has been accepted. For larger essays (20 pages or more), this time is lengthened to 14 days.

If you want a revision after the allotted time, this must be placed as a new order, and you will have to pay for it.

Is legit?

A common question we get for this type of service is about the legitimacy. There can be a little reservation about using such platforms, and many people think they are fake and simply there to scam your money.

EssasyService is completely legitimate and we do not foresee any issues if you choose to use the platform. They have a detailed privacy policy relating to the protection and use of your personal data. Also, the website uses a secure SSL-encrypted connection.

Secure payment processing is also used, and to guarantee the quality of the service, has a plagiarism free warranty. This guarantees that all work provided is original, and unique, and 100% free from plagiarism.

Pros & Cons of Essayservice

To summarize what this service has to offer, we have listed the main pros and cons below.


  • Flexible services: The fact that they offer writing, proof reading, and calculations gives greater flexibility.
  • Multiple paper types covered: You can get help with virtually any type of academic document such as research papers and essays.
  • Easy to use order form: The order process is step-by-step and simple to complete.
  • Plagiarism free guarantee: All work is guaranteed to be 100% original and plagiarism free which is essential.


  • Limited payment options: The only payment methods are credit or debit card which could be a little limiting. Something like PayPal and e-wallets would be nice.
  • Double-spacing expense: The fact that their standard page length is 275 words double-spaced could mean that you are paying more per page for less content.
  • No fixed price guide: There isn’t a price guide on their website and you can only see prices on the order form.

To Sum Up

We hope you have found this review beneficial. But should you use this platform? It certainly has many positives, and it is a completely legitimate service too. However, it is not perfect and we would like to see few things improved too.

For positives, the flexibility and variance of the services is great. You can get virtually any type of academic document written and proofread, and they also offer calculations which isn’t as common. We also like the ease of use of the website, and the fact that revisions are free, and all content is plagiarism free. However, we would like to see more payment methods, and better pricing visibility.