bestcustomwriting_main, owned and operated by Steadi LTD, has been in operation for the past eleven years and currently holds a consumer rating of 2.67 stars from 3 reviews, which points to the fact that a majority of its customers are dissatisfied with their decision to opt for them. BestCustomWriting currently ranks at the 1110th position among Essay Writing sites.

So, does BestCustomWriting provide all that it promises, or is that what ridiculous safety seals on their homepage want to depict? Let’sLet’s get to know about it. 

Although the company doesn’t claim to be based in the United States, it also does not show that Steadi LTD, based in Bulgaria, operates it. Their website is intuitive and user-friendly, typically working seamlessly with low prices. The site works pretty well, but most customers are unsatisfied with their essays. That’s not enough to rethink its position as the 1110th in the Essay Writing rankings. 

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Pricing System is one of the many Essay writing companies that provide an amalgamation of experience, quality, and affordable pricing. That is at least what the website wants to make everybody believe. Their prices are reasonable, keeping the quality aspect aside, and they offer several discounts; these excessive discounts may cause the company desperate for new customers. Many users felt they received a new discount offer for every minute on the BestCustomWriting website. 

Notwithstanding the discounts, their price ranges aren’t too high. The pricing system generally works according to the quality levels and deadlines. The quality levels for an order are divided into five categories and include the following:

High School Level 

The prices in this domain range between $14.36 and $29.56 per page, but these low rates directly affect the writing’s quality and readability. Users who get attracted by the low expense usually suffer from a poorly composed essay that requires multiple revisions—the lower the rate, the lower the quality of the writing. 

College Level 

The cost ranges between $15.16 and $30.36 per page, and the quality is a bit better but still not comparable with the international standards. 

Undergraduate Level 

The undergraduate and college levels have a minimal price difference, which speaks for the quality difference. Users who choose the undergraduate level must pay between $17.56 and $33.56 per page. 


Writings with the Ph.D. quality cost between $19.96 and $37.58 per page, but different users have different experiences in this domain, ranging from one end of the quality spectrum. 

This pricing and quality chart enables users to conveniently calculate the order’s price. Regular customers get discounts: between 5% to 15% depending upon the number of pages. Users who place an order for twenty pages become eligible for the minimum discounts, whereas those requesting 100+ pages get 15% off on all further orders. Some users also get volume discounts between 5% to 15% off their order. 

Funnily enough, the second-order you place is cheaper than the first one as you get a 25% discount for the second and only a 20% deduction for your first. 

There are also volume discounts for individual orders ranging from 5% to 15%. And the funniest offer I found was a 25% discount for the second order, that makes it even cheaper than your first one at 20% off.


Types of Services holds one plus point: it identifies all the services its experts provide. Although their primary services revolve around paper writing, proofreading, and editing, there are several categories within these primary divisions. The main benefits of paper writing include a wide array of products, such as dissertations, term papers, coursework, book report, speech, article, case studies, scholarship essays, research papers, research summaries, and several other kinds of assignments and papers that are outlined in detail below. 

Students can also order paper outlines at to derive an essential structure for the paper they write themselves. This company also provides the service of idea development, where students facing difficulties in choosing a paper topic can take help from writers to devise a case and a testable and practical hypothesis. 

Some of the services experts at BestCustomWriting offer are listed below. 

· Essay Writing 

· Term Paper Writing 

· Research Paper Writing 

· Coursework Writing 

· Case Study Writing 

· Article Writing 

· Article Critique 

· Annotated Bibliography Writing 

· Research Proposal   

· Proofreading And Editing 

· Multiple Choice Questions Creation 

· Group Project Development 

· Lab Reports Help 

· Statistics Project Help 

· Term Papers For Sale 

· Homework Help 

· College Papers For Sale 

· Buy A Powerpoint Presentation 

· Criminal Law And Justice Essay Writing 

· Political Science Essay Writing 

· Take My Online Class 

· Dissertation Help 

· Help On How To Write An Essay 

· Book Report Writing 

· Academic Writing Services 

Most users rate the writing they get from this service as good enough for a B+ grade, but after extensive editing, proofreading, removal of repetitions, and reliable sources from their sides. Students looking to get good grades but are unwilling to devote some time and effort to their pieces should not expect high grades. 


Payment Options

BestCustomWriting offers the flexibility of several payment options for its users. Discover, Maestro, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Delta, Solo, and Diners Club International. 


Guarantees Offered By

Although this service claims to offer free guaranteed revision, most users do not end up availing of the facility because of many loopholes. Several users complain of their writers ghosting them when they ask for a free revision, whereas others face their writers asking for additional charges to compensate for the modification. Users also do not get a refund until they go through the revision process, which usually means spending more money, getting into a catfight with the writer, or opening a dispute and waiting for it to resolve. 

Furthermore, users only have three days to complain about the lousy writing quality if they want a refund. However, they also have to prove that the writing quality does not align with their requirements and which points need revision. 

In addition, some users working with this company for a considerable time pointed out some flaws in their billing system and the guaranteed discounts. The prices go sky high with the discount codes going in reverse, and users can seldom do anything except pay extra. The prices sometimes vary when selected at the beginning of the payment process from when they reach the billing stage, with some discount coupons failing to cash into the total amount. 

Is Legit? is a friendly website with a seamless functioning that points to its legitimacy but tries to hide that it operates out of Bulgaria simultaneously. Although this writing company cannot be called a scam, it is not good enough to recommend fellow academics looking to get good grades. 

Pros of Using BestCustomWriting

This writing company has a precise and sweet order form without time-taking information forms. In addition, they also offer a wide variety of BestCustomWriting coupon selections with several discount options that make it an attractive ordeal. Apart from the highly affordable prices, users can also get out of writer’s block by gaining inspiration and academic writing skills from these writers. 

Cons of Using BestCustomWriting

Several Best Custom Writing reviews complain about a poor customer support experience. Although the agents answer promptly when you want to place an order, most of their replies are useless and stop coming when one asks for a free version. 

In addition, users get what they pay for: the highly affordable price tags come with poorly written text that requires several revisions.

Those who want a free revision must be prepared to fight their case: nothing comes free in this writing service. Lastly, although beneficial, the incessant discount pop-ups quickly become irritating and ruin the website experience.  

To Sum Up

Availing of the services offered by this writing company comes with many benefits and a bunch of demerits. Some users give out exceptional reviews about the kind of services they availed, but such thoughts are usually scarce and outnumbered by those full of critique. 

Nonetheless, best custom writing is not a suitable writing company for those looking to put minimal effort and get exceptional results. The writing drafts you get from this company usually require thorough editing. The handing back process is quite hefty, so choosing a writing company with better social standing is advisable.