wowessays_mian Review 2022: Is It Reliable or Fake?

As a hard-working student passionate about your major, the idea of using an essay writing service probably sounds strange and improbable to you. However, hectic academic schedules can sometimes become too much for anyone, especially when combined with other responsibilities – so, never say never.

Many students have to work part-time to afford their studies, so they have to find a way to save the time and effort required for research. Also, most university programs are designed in a way that puts students through some obligatory subjects they don’t care about just for gathering credits.

In this honest review, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of one of the most popular essays writing options available online.

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WowEssays in a Nutshell is a wide-range online database that contains more than 97,000 academic paper samples. The main purpose of the company is to help students achieve their academic grades and alleviate the pressure in their busy lives.

Whether you need a free essay sample or a piece written for scratch, is here to lend a hand. The brand prides itself on its all-encompassing service model and more than a decade of experience in academic writing as the main indicators of its relevance.

This platform employs a diverse team of experienced professional writers with bachelor and Ph.D. degrees. Literature, sociology, business, science, philosophy, you name it – you’ll find an expert in every field.

This way, WowEssays offer an inexhaustible source of quality papers to high schoolers and college students all over the world. When you need to improve your academic impression and raise your GPA, this essay service has got you covered.

Can I Afford WowEssays’ Services?

Apart from time, money is the most important asset that students need to save. Obviously, prices are a vital factor that makes an essay writing service adequate for them to turn to.

Price-determining Factors

Like the majority of other essay writing services, the prices at WowEssays aren’t fixed – they depend on several features of the assignment. Let’s go through some of the main factors:

Type of Paper

Obviously, the type and size of essay, thesis, dissertation, or presentation you need is a vital factor in evaluating the price.

Order Urgency

The shortest possible deadline for WowEssays’ writers is 3 hours, but the sooner you submit your order – the more money you’ll save on writing assistance.

Academic Level includes three levels of writing complexity – Undergraduate as simplest and most affordable, Bachelor as mid-range, and Professional (Ph.D. and master’s papers) as the high-end.

Preferred Writer

As a return customer satisfied with the service from a specific Top or Advanced writer, you can choose them again for a higher-order price.

Plagiarism Report

To ensure your paper is 100% original, you can get a plagiarism report at a price of $9.99 for the first 5 (in single-spaced papers) or 10 (in double-spaced papers) pages and $1 for each additional page.

Abstract Page

If your research paper, thesis, or dissertation needs an abstract page, you can get it for $14.99.

Table of Contents

In order to make navigation through the paper easier for the reader, request a table of contents for $9.99.

Editor’s Proofreading

The experienced editors in WowEssays’ team will perfect your draft to a native level of correct grammar, spelling, and flawless writing style.


What Types of Services Does WowEssays Offer?

The writers’ team in WowEssays has experience with a wide range of papers. On this platform, students can order persuasive essays, book or movie reviews, research papers, dissertations, and so on.

Topics can belong to a variety of technical or creative fields, such as business, economics, marketing or literature, art, or cinema. Below we will sum up the services that this company offers.


As we already elaborated, WowEssays employs writers with knowledge and experience in a plethora of academic fields of research.


If you’re insecure about your formatting, structure, style, or overall fluency in English, this company has you covered. Professional writers are at your service to correct all these issues and enhance the quality of your piece.


Some students have the motivation and time to try writing on their own, but they get stuck at some point in the creative process or can’t reach academic expectations.

If you can’t complete your assignment or it gets rejected and sent for revision, WowEssays’ writers can rewrite and perfect it while keeping your main points.


Technical mistakes can make even the best-written assignment look less professional. Proofreading is the best way to ensure your text doesn’t miss anything. WowEssays’ writers will check for typos, grammar mistakes, and any other accidental errors.

Essay Samples

Finally, another important feature of this platform is the large archive of samples – it offers 76,000 completely free essays in alphabetical order.

However, as these samples are donated from students, you should bear in mind that their quality is often far from perfect. The structure can be flawed, there can be no citations or inaccurate ones, and so on.

We recommend that you use the samples on WowEssays as inspiration for your writing instead of a final product.


How Can I Pay for the Services?

As for the payment process, WowEssays supports the most common debit and credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. However, this doesn’t include PayPal.

The team understands that time and money are the most valuable assets that every student aims to save. So, they offer loyalty and affiliate programs, enabling you to get a discount for repeatedly using the platform’s services or recommending them to a friend.

On the other hand, if you’re new to this and you don’t plan on using essay writing services for other assignments, WowEssays offers an 11% discount for first-time customers with the promo code WEDOWOW.


Are There Any Guarantees and Refunds?

Even when you order an essay written by professionals from scratch, it can sometimes fail to meet your standards. For this reason, customers can request a free revision in case of unsatisfactory results.

When it comes to written assignments for college, sticking to the given instructions and respecting the deadline are main imperatives. If you regularly submitted all the necessary guidelines in time and the writer failed to deliver the assignment in time, you can request a refund.

Officially, WowEssays offers revisions as well as a money-back guarantee. However, while revisions are legit, many customer reviews point out that a 50% refund is the most you can count on, even in case of missed deadlines.

As refunds speak volumes for the trustworthiness of a company and the way it stands behind the services it offers, this is a major setback.

Is Legit?

The short answer is – yes. is completely legit and free of plagiarism. The free sample essays are 100% authentic and unique work donated by students from a wide range of academic fields.

The company has a reputation for strictly following academic regulations and international law. They act responsibly with their taxes and comply with the business rules of the particular country, so no aspect of this service contradicts the law.

All the sources WowEssays’ writers use during research are legit, so you don’t have to worry about the facts and citations included in your assignment.

Should I Use WowEssays for My Next Assignment?

As with any other service, WowEssays comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and here’s a shortlist for you to consider:


  • WowEssays offers solid writing quality and all of the writers have reliable backgrounds in different academic fields, which makes them relevant in a wide range of topics;
  • You can request revisions on demand to make sure the piece aligns with your prerequisite requirements;
  • The company’s writer team offers fast delivery and respects your deadline.


  • The intrusive pop-ups on the website hinder user experience. Some customers have also complained about unreliable links and spam on the website;
  • Moreover, the bland page design indicates the need for software updates;
  • The money-back guarantee doesn’t live up to the expectations – in many cases of a missed deadline, you can only get a 50% refund;
  • WowEssays’ services are not quite budget-friendly in comparison to other writing assistance tools on the market – too many writing features (such as the abstract and table of contents) require additional payment.

Final Verdict

All in all, WowEssays cannot be taken as a serious, completely developed alternative to traditional writing services. Instead, the platform is designed to compete with smaller databases offering free samples.

While the platform contains an outstanding palette of free essay samples on any topic, these essays may not always be perfect. As for the professional writing service, the prices aren’t really low if you want a complete writing structure compiled.

If you look for an online assistance tool that offers cheap and reliable writing from scratch, we’d recommend you choose a more professional platform.

WowEssays can mainly help students overcome their writer’s block and get inspiration from the thousands of free essays available in the platform’s database. This way, you can get ideas on how to write a piece that wows your professors and improves your academic performance.