A Detailed MasterPapers Review – Should You Use the Platform?

There is no need for writing service websites to have a complex design, and it’s nice to see the people at MasterPapers understand that. The website offers a clean layout, and even the newbies will find their way through the menus quickly. You can start the ordering process from the homepage, which is convenient.

The information on www.masterpapers.com suggests the company was established in 2004. It implies they have more than 15 years of experience in the business. Our experts discovered this is one of the services offered by the Ukrainian company WritePerfect Ltd.

You can qualify for a 15% discount on the first order on the website. However, before you do that, read our MasterPapers review. It will reveal crucial details about the platform and tell you whether you should even use it!

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Pricing System

The new website version might look attractive, but it’s missing one crucial thing – a pricing table. Other essay writing services have a clear chart with their prices, but MasterPapers doesn’t offer that. It makes it inconvenient to compare the prices and decide your order details.

Fortunately, you can use a cost calculator on the ordering page. Here are the factors that affect the total price:

  • Task type – an essay is cheaper than helping with a dissertation and more complex papers.
  • Education level – if you need a high school task, MasterPapers will charge less than for a Master’s assignment.
  • Spacing – the single-spaced tasks have 550 words per page, which is why they are double as expensive as double-spaced papers (275 words per page).
  • The time required – if you need the essay in a couple of hours, it will be more expensive than if you give the platform three days.

The ordering process at www.masterpapers.com is simple and user-friendly. You will see the price changing with the different options you pick. For example, a single-page and double-spaced college essay will cost $16.72 with a three-day deadline. But if you shorten the deadline to three hours, the price goes up to $32.62. That cost change is enormous, which is why you should order on time.

MasterPapers also offers a chance to hire top and premium writers for an additional cost. A top writer is among the first 30 on the platform and can cost $10 extra per page. As for a premium writer, they are among the first ten writers on the site, and you might need to pay $20 extra per page.

Types of Services

It seems that MasterPapers covers all the categories that students and other customers might require from the writing service. The company offers help with a wide task selection. Do you need assistance with a high school essay or want an author working on your thesis? The service has you covered, and all you should do is pick the relevant category.

If you are a new business owner, designing a business plan via this platform is also an option. They can also help with your speeches and presentations, which is convenient.

Apart from writing, MasterPapers also offers rewriting, editing, and proofreading. It’s worth noting that proofreading and editing an article is cheaper than asking them to write it from scratch. That’s an example of a good business policy.

You can also pick the desired time for completing your paper. MasterPapers promise that they can finish it as quickly as an hour. However, they do put a restriction that they might ask for more time if it’s a complex task. According to the website information, this warning gets removed if you choose a three-hour frame. The longest it will take to finish your essay is 20 days, and that will secure the lowest price.

Are the Authors Trustworthy?

The first thing you notice once you head to the www.masterpapers.com is that they promise experts will be working on their papers. As usual, you shouldn’t trust the all-positive reviews published on the site. The company selected the ones that suit the message they want to convey.

Our analysis of MasterPapers discovered that the writing quality is not even close to the expected level. You might pay a fortune for a premium writer and get an error-free paper. But if you choose to stick to a standard author, the odds are there will be grammar, spelling, and other errors in your article.

Payment Options

The www.masterpapers.com website offers different information regarding payment options. For example, if you enter the FAQ page, you will find they support MasterCard and Visa. But if you check out the page’s footer, you will find American Express and Discover supported, too.

Finally, the ordering page suggests that you can also use SC to pay MasterPapers. It’s all confusing, but we checked, and you can use all these methods to pay for the service. Another essential piece of information is that you need to pay in advance, and the writers will start working on the paper after the payment.


First, let’s mention that MasterPapers promises everything you would expect from a writing service. The crucial consideration is that they should honor your privacy. The company will maintain confidentiality, and nobody will reveal your identity or paper publicly. You will be a complete owner of any assignment ordered and free to do as you please with it.

The timeliness promise sounds nice, but it doesn’t always work well in practice. That’s because the authors are prone to being late. It’s particularly true with short deadlines. We shouldn’t mention that you need to leave extra time for edits and changes, too. That’s why this service isn’t the right one when you don’t have much time to complete the paper.

Be aware that this is not our only review, see all reviews.

Money-Back Guarantee

You’ll find an entire page dedicated to explaining the money-back guarantee on MasterPapers. The terms depend on your order details, and here is how they change:

  • If you ordered less than 20 pages, you get a 14-day period to ask for a refund.
  • Those who ordered more than 20 pages will receive a 30-day window to ask for a refund.
  • If you find plagiarism in your paper, there is a 180-day window to demand your money back.

All this is good and nice, but there is a trick – you don’t receive a refund for lateness. If the authors at MasterPapers miss their deadline, you can’t ask for your money back. That means you risk paying for the paper only to be late with its submission.

It’s worth noting that you might receive a discount or bonus credit for future orders if the authors don’t meet the order details. The company even has a loyalty program for its frequent customers.

Is Site Legit?

Our experts discovered that www.masterpapers.com is a legit website. It’s nice to see that the company did everything required to protect the customers and keep the site safe. The platform offers encrypted transactions via a secure payment service provider. It means your sensitive information will be secure when doing business with the platform.

Although MasterPapers is an officially registered business, some information on the site might not be accurate. We are referring to the authors’ information and reviews. These seem too generic to be accurate and are a sign of being cautious when doing business with the platform.


  • A clean website layout – the design is modern, attractive, and user-friendly.
  • All significant categories covered – whether you need your paper written from scratch or proofread, this service can help.
  • Moneyback guarantee – you can expect refund windows from 14 to 180 days, depending on the paper’s details.
  • Secure payments – the website uses encrypted transactions for maximum safety.


  • Expensive services – it only seems cheap, but choosing additional details and better-quality writers can cost more than at similar services.
  • No pricing chart – it makes it inconvenient to compare prices for different services and deadlines.
  • No refund for lateness – you aren’t protected if the author is late with the delivery, which means nothing guarantees the specified timeframe.

To Sum Up

Ultimately, we wouldn’t recommend using MasterPapers unless you don’t have an alternative. The platform doesn’t have many quality authors, and they don’t guarantee to deliver papers on time. They ask for payments upfront, but they don’t give the money back if late with a submission.

If you compare MasterPapers to similar services, you discover the platform can be quite expensive. While their starting prices are low, shortening the time for doing the work or choosing a premium writer increases the cost significantly. Overall, you should think twice before using this platform because there are surely better options out there.

Unfortunately, this service is of poor quality, but there is also an excellent one, such as PapersOwl Review.